Revel Salons...time for a new version?

Notwithstanding the whole Harman/Madrigal mess, it seems that these speakers are due for a new version. Off late, I've seen the Andra II, the Focal JMLabs Be and a few others. I did see that Revel just came out with a new sub. Anyone know what Mr. Voecks is working on? Are his hands tied by the Harman reorg.? Any info is appreciated. Andy
Go to secrets of home theater and hi fi web site and read the new interview with Kevin Voeckes. In it he states that the Revel Salon still holds up and there is no plan to try to improve it. A fantastic speaker.
Great products don't always need to be upgraded - they're still great.
I do not see any technological breakthroughs in speaker design lately. Most new versions are shaping and tweaking the basic design and are probably driven by market attitudes such as those of the OP.
Do you really think that all new speakers are an advancement in sound reproduction? Surely you must feel better that the prices keep going up, since that has to be the best guaranty of great sound! Next, surely, will be the question “Why are there so many Revel Salons for sale on Audiogon”. The manufacturers have to love these types of posts!
I also spoke recently with Kevin Voecks about upgrade plans for the Salons. He and Revel/HSG feel that there is no need to update the speaker. They compare their speakers to the competition at least on a yearly basis. They believe the Salons and the rest of the Ultima line more than hold their own with any competition.
The only reason they are not on Stereophile's Class A list is because Revel has not sent them out for review according to Stereophile. So even though they were heralded as the
"World's Best Speaker" they are off their list.
The Salons are a truely a bargain in the World of Monthly Sonic Wonders. A great product that holds its own with any speaker in its price range and above and does not require an expensive update every 6 months to satsify reviewers' whims and the audiophile's vanity.