Speaker Cables for JM Labs Electra 936?

Hi all,

I'm helping out a friend who's living in the middle east and is a relative newcomer to our hobby. He's asked me to recommend some speaker cables but I live in the far east and I've not heard his system, so I'm trying to figure out what to suggest. Hope you guys can help me out.

His system

Krell SACD Standard
Krell 400xi integrated amp
JM Labs Electra 936 speakers

I've tried to find out more of his personal preferences as a guide. He says he values snap, punch and detail, but doesnt like an "overpowering" sound he's heard at some dealers showrooms. Listens mostly to pop and a little classical.

I understand the JM Labs might tend towards brightness, especially combined with the Krell amp, so something to the warmer side of neutral would be better.

The I/C's I'm trying to get for him will probably be Cardas Golden Reference.

He's currently using Oelbach "The pure sound" speaker cables. I understand they are popular in Germany, and they were a freebie when he bought his gear, so he's sure they can be bettered.

What speaker cables do you think would match his gear and tastes?

Thanks to all of you for your help
I have 926s. I think he can't go wrong with Cardas speaker cables - Golden Reference in particular being an excellent choice. I however use MIT and love them - they aren't bright at all and allow microdynamics to develop more fully than other cables I have tried. They also excel at soundstaging.

If he wants to stick with Oehlbach, the XXL Series 5 has gotten very good reviews in France, stating it is "very detailed but never aggressive" which sounds like his style.

I have similar Krell equipment and JM Labs Profile 918 speakers. I am getting great non bright sound. No harshness at all in the treble region. First check speaker position and toe them in, than make sure the room is treated properly to stop reflections. I use Synergistic's new Tesla Accelerator speaker cables and they are not bright at all. Also, make sure you have a nice power cord. I found some that really tame brightness and smooth out the treble. Try a DCCA power cord.
Have Fun!
I have the 936's and have made many changes. It depends on where he wants to go with his system and how much he wants to spend. If he plans on spending some money on his system I would start with the DCCA power cords and get a "source" cord for the SACD standard. Work with the power cords first then the ic's and speaker cable. The DCCA cords are heavy and need some room behind your gear. Another good value and performer are the Reality Cables, especially the limited edition ic's.
I would guess no one cares at this jumcture, however I own 936s and can tell you that really good copper cables work best. I use Jena Lab trio copper braids with excellent results. I also second Cardas to help mellow the treble a bit with little loss of transparency or detail.
If he could have done away with the sand (SS) amp and gone with a good highish power tube amp he would be stunned. I did and I can tell you that with great certainty. Think tubes brother... it really makes a world of difference. I use Opera Consonance Cyber 800 monoblocks great combo. Add a 6SN7 tube pre and you get Nirvana.