speaker cables between Pass and Penaudio

Hi all

Just changed my room configuration and my 10ft AZ satori are too long. Looking for a 5-6 ft pair and willing to try some other speaker cable between my Pass labs xa 60.5 amps and my Penaudio serenades. Budget might hit $750 new or used. Thanks for all thoughts.
anyone ?
We use Jorma Design inside the speakers. Given the amp-speaker combination, you will want a wire that is more neutral sounding. At 6 feet you should be able to get almost any wire within your price range. Consider Audience AU24e, Analysis Plus, Crimson, DiMarzio (Super M Path only), Entreq, Kimber, Nirvana and XLO. We have tried most of these or other Pen users have commented on them.
MIT also works well. Sorry for the omission.

thanks for the reponse. What MIT model specifically ?
did you audition the setup with Virtual Dynamics cables ?
Our initial listening with MIT was 5 years ago and I cannot remember which model we spent time with but I do remember a very cohesive and music presenation. Detail, smooth, musical. Highly listenable. I will send you an updated recommendation. Never tried Virtual Dynamics.
I've had great success with my Pass gear and Harmonic Technology Pro 9. A real bargain on the used market.
Give Crimson Musiclink a chance, you may not want to change your cables for a long time after that. They have free 30 day trial as well.
dont know the speakers but that amp might work with kimber