Speaker cable upgrade from Analysis Plus Oval 12

I have been using Analysis Plus Oval 12 speaker cable for about 10 years. Overall, sound is good and clean. However, the upgrade bug has returned. What current speaker cable would be an audible upgrade from the Oval 12 without spending a lot of money.... I have a Creek SE 5350 Classic integrated amp(85RMS) and a pair of Silverline Preludes which are biwireable, which Silverline claims only makes marginal difference....I am possibly going to replace the Preludes in the next year with Totem Hawks or the new Usher Be718 monitors, but might just stay with what I got....All advice and opinions welcomed
You might want to consider the JPS Labs Ultraconductor 2. I bought a pair used in A'Gon for my 2nd system and was very surprised at how much better they were than the Kimber 8TCs they replaced. I've had A/P Oval 9s and I think the Ultras would give them a serious run for the money. Even better would be a used pair of the JPS Superconductor Petites which replaced my A/P Oval 9s; they are a significant step up in openness and detail yet with a very natural sound. You can 'rent' a pair of each from The Used Cable Company.
Have you considered the A-P Solo Crystal Oval 8s or do you want to change brands? Cardas has some great cables also.

AP Solo Crystal or DH Labs Q10.
Having used many exotic hi-end cables, I can highly recommend Clear Day Cables. His silver shotguns ae fanastic and less thatn $200!
For 2-way speakers such as the Preludes, I would recommend the Acoustic Zen Hologram II bi-wire cables. They are specially made for 2-way speakers, and I have found them to be very good. The Oval 8s are very good as well -- quite a bit of a step up from your current Oval 12s. I have had all 3 on my Tyler SuperTowers (which are 2-way), and I preferred the AZ Holograms. They seemed to stage a little better than the Oval 8s and seemed more coherent. On my other multi-driver Tyler Signatures, I preferred the Oval 8s.

As always, let your own ears be your guide.
I found the Oval 12's to be decent, but rather lifeless in my system. I also tried the Oval 9's which were quite decent with very good bass. The Oval 8's I didn't care for. Didn't sound right in my system.

Try the $85 Mapleshade speaker cables. Very exciting and dynamic. Will sound bright at first, but very fast and clean and dynamic. They will settle down with age. I love mine. Return them to Mapleshade if you don't like them, or keep them for a change of pace.
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Sunnyjim, why not try a pair of Oval 9? Oval 12 is a nice cable too, but Oval 9 is definately better. I really don't think you can best them for the $. These make many other cable manufacturer's hi- end cable seem way overpriced from my experience.
Taralabs is the end game!,if you really want sound that is very good,start with the mdel one,and go up the cable food chain!
I've had both the TOTEM ARROs and FORRESTs at tbe same time.(Since sold off)

If that is where you want to go, TOTEM's own speaker cable --TOTEM TRESS -- is recommended by TOTEM cuz that's what is internally wired in them. A close proxy on which the TRESS was modelled, is the CHORD ODYSSEY - both are silver over Cu. (Had these on the ARROs before I changed to TRESS and ATLAS below)

My best experience withe FORESTS was actually BI-AMPED with TOTEM TRESS to the tweeters and ATLAS ASCENTs on the woofers. The issue with TOTEMs is they need lots of grunt(myriad of posts in AGON on Totems requiring lots of amp current and watts to best perform)