Speaker cable suggestion for new system

I recently upgraded my old stereo system - well, perhaps I should say replaced as the only thing left at this point are my old Monster XP1 cables.

So, after spending a few dollars, my new system now consists of:

Creek Destiny integrated
Music Hall CD25.2
PSB Synchrony OneBs
Nordost Baldur interconnect

Am hoping that I can get some good recommendations on cables to replace the Monsters. Right now I am looking at Audioquest GBC (which looks like a pretty good deal at HMC Audio), or possibly Kimberkable 4TC. Frankly, I am not looking at spend tons of dough on the cables, but am looking for a good value for the $.

Thanks in advance for the advice!
One wonderful "value for the money" choice is the Signature level product line from
Auricle Audio Design, hand made by Audiogon member Joemazzaglia.
Another great choice is the product line from Realitycables.com, hand made by Gregg Straley.
Either sounds so good that it's hard to believe you haven't spent a bundle.

Check out Gregg Straley's Reality Cables ... $250 per 8ft pair. I suggest you search this forum first. Lots of old threads about speaker cable. Good luck.
Look at Dimarzio cables. Also consider buying used; people are always selling their cables and they are so much cheaper.
Clear Day Solid Core speaker cables are amazing. He advertises here. Shotgun is the best configuration
Thanks for the suggestions - I didn't think people would be shy in expressing their opinions on this subject! Keep 'em coming!

Quick question: In my current configuration, the speaker cables run from my stereo which sits in a built-in bookshelf and terminate at a wall panel (Niles Audio). From there, I have a short "jumper" that plugs into both the panel and speakers. This looks cleaner from an aesthetic point of view, but I am not sure what inefficiencies a break like this can introduce. Any thoughts?
I had once tried your method in a secondary location, and an ordinary quality wall panel/plate eliminates any chance to get the best sound from your speaker cable purchase.
Unless it is impossible, first try out-in-the-open.
Next, compare to your invisible speaker wire hook-up technique.
Then, make your own (easy) decision.
I really like my Pear Comice speaker cables. I think they are outstanding for the price.
I agree with Tweak1 on the Clear Day Solid Core speaker cables. I bought these to try out on my Zu Druid speakers and they sound real good. They replaced my kimber 4tc that i had in there before. For the price of $125 8ft pair you can't go wrong. I bought the solid core silver cables instead of the copper. Don't know how the copper sound but the silver sounds real nice on my all tube system.
Can't seem to find Clear Day anywhere...how do I find these?
Start with power cords at the source and then your integrated. I reccomend looking for some shunyata power cords, integrated diamond back maybe, and the cdp maybe an old taipin or something. What is your budget? This should give you much more than cables if you get a good pc on cdp and integrated.