Speaker cable for Wilson sophia and Pass labs X250


I have Wilson Audio Sophia speakers and Pass labs X250 amp.
I used cable Kimber KS 3033, but sold it.
What speaker cable should to buy for my system?

Thank you!
I would suggest trying the Silent Source "The Music Reference" speaker cables.

Mike Malinowski at 6 moons reviewed them using the Wilson X-2 Alexandria: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/silentsource/silent.html

Frank Dickens, the owner and designer at Silent Source, if I understood him correctly the last time that I talked to him on the phone, uses Pass gear himself.

I personally have "The Music Reference" interconnects and power cords. I auditioned the speaker cables for two months. But try as I did, I just couldn't afford them. Otherwise I'd have them too.

It will depend upon individual taste to too great an extent to give a definitive answer, otherwise there would be only one product in each price range. The Kimber is very good, it would help to know what you thought was lacking in its performance.
I second Stanwal opinion.
We have all JPS Labs Aluminata between our Pass and Wilsons.
Best I've ever heard in my system.
I have ZenSati #3 on my Wilsons.
Best I ever heard - or rather not heard - they are pretty darn close to 'no-cable'...
I dont have Wilson, but have tried Zensati 3 and silent Source The Music ref. The latter was superior.
I have had the Zensati no3 speaker cables in my system having experienced cables such as JPS Labs Aluminata, Jorma Origo, Jorma Prime. I found the Zensati the most neutral and natural sounding of all of these. Another bonus is it is the cheapest of the bunch best bang for your buck if you are into high end cables.

A friend of mine actually has Wilson Sashas using Zensati no1. INCREDIBLE sound via his Lamm M1.2 Reference monoblocks. Out of this world I daresay!
Transparent Reference XL or OPUS.
Taralabs Zero Gold Interconnects,Omega Gold speaker cables, cobalt power cords!, This should put a very big smile on your face with the music, Enjoy!
You need a cable which can give a very small and palpable image. Because your speakers and amps give both a wide and deep stage but lack a touchable image. Audioquest is with DBS72 one of the best or even the best in a small and palpable image. Instruments and voices are very small and direct in dimension in real. This part is essential in every highend system. The Audioquest loudspeaker cables are also very good in the lowest freq. They have one of the best blacks in the world of cables. Blacks is the space between the instruments and voices with there acoustic information of the room where they were recorded. This makes the image a lot more palpable. I tried many powercables on many different Pass Amps. Purist Audio is by far the best match I ever heard with a Pass Labs poweramp so far. I owned the XA100.5, XA60.5, XA30.5 and now I own the X250.5. Later I will go to the the X600.5. Good luck and have fun!