Wilson Sophia III - Will spikes break if titled?

I am interested in trying the Stillpoints Ultra SS under my Sophia IIIs. Can I simply tilt the speaker back to remove the front spikes and install Ultra SSs? Speakers weigh about 160 lbs and the spikes look a littlllle small. Has anybody tried the Ultra SS under the Sophia? How was installation? How is sound? Thanks for your help.
Assuming your Sophias are setup correctly in your room, the Ultra SS may be too low (even together with their optional bases) compared to the spikes, which are about 2.25 inches high, I believe. I know the Ultra 5s + bases are just about the correct height and should give you even more improvement, however the price is high. I wouldn't hesitate to buy the Ultra 5s, even one by one. Regarding your question, I have no idea, but I think if you find a helping hand and tilt them just enough, it should be OK.
As an alternative to the Stillpoints, look into the Starsound SP 101 speaker support stand. It is adjustable for height as well as rake, and the difference it makes is unreal.
Hi, I've owned 4 pair of Wilson's over the years...the spikes will not break if the speaker is tilted somewhat to install still points or adjust/remove the spikes. I would not tilt the speaker back more than is really needed to remove/adjust the spikes...

All of my Wilson speakers were tilted during installation, moving or removal...