Speaker cable between Pass 350.5 & MBL 121

I'm currently using the Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerators and wonder if there isn't a better choice of speaker cables in this setup.

Being new to the MBL line I wonder if there isn't a particular flavor of cable these speakers prefer such as big gauge, little gauge, active, silver, copper etc.

To be honest, I don't really have many issues with what I'm hearing other than perhaps a bit of an aggressive nature BUT that may be due to the digital coax that drives my Perfect Wave Dac and my HotRod Oppo BDP83SE plus.

The digital coax if food for another thread.

I'm thinking of rewiring my dedicated circuit with cyro'd romex 10awg and changing to a 20amp breaker and outlet. My Furutech outlet won't grip my PC's properly and enough is enough as the power cables, on occasion, just pop out.

I know everyone's setup is different so I'm probably just barking at the moon. Perhaps I'm just looking to get the very best out of my system (without getting broker still) and speaker cables are key here.
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Well, that's VERY different!

The most impressive dealer system I have ever heard was running mbl 111s.

They had 121s also but did not have a chance to listen.

I've used Audioquest cv-6 speaker cables with the DBS gadgets with my OHMs and Dynaudios to good effect.

The mbls can be a bit harder to tame though than OHMs, especially some of the older revisions from what I read.

If it were me, I would consider using DNM Reson speaker cables with mbls to start. I use their ICs in my setup, not speaker wires, but I have read similar praises regarding the speaker wires. These are no nonsense, highly coherent wires with excellent but not exaggerated sonic characteristic all around. Just the thing perhaps to just let your amp and holographic speakers do their thing without intruding.