Speaker advise needed

Hi Guys. My current digs(studio apt, thanx ex wife) require neer field listening. Listening posistion about 9' from speaker plane. I'm considering Gallo Reference III's, Magnapan 1.6's, Thiel 1.6's (preferably) or maybe Spendor 5S. These top my limited list. I'm going to scan Audiogon for one. Listening tastes are electric blues, classic rock(Tull, Deep Purple etc) some jazz. Power will be PS Audio HCA2 and PCA2 with Marantz dv 9500 and still to arrive Sota Moonbeam TT. Any input appreciated as always.
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All good speakers, but have you considered Tyler ref monitors or linbrooks
You should go listen to those as they have different sonic signatures. My preference would be the Magnapans but the Gallo's have had superb reviews. See which one you like is the best thing you can do. Your list is a very good one and you really can't go wrong with any of them but like I said a personal audition is mandatory if possible as you're the only one who can make the best choice.
May I suggest Sonus Faber Electa amator 1.These walked all over my maggie 3.6. georgous in appearance, the wife will love them. Seems like you have adequite power for them.
Gallos, without a doubt - you'll love 'em.

Thanks, I've pretty much written off the Maggies as they are placement critical from what I've read. My short list now includes Martin Logan Aerius i's. Any input on these? Haven't listened to Tyler's. I live in upstate ny so I rely on Audiogon, TAS etc for info.
I own Martin Logans on one of my setups.I have the Gallos on another.I would recomend the Gallos for your area.More range and less critical of postion.I would put them up against my Martin Logan Odysses.
Upstate NY? You might check Meadowlark Audio speakers. I own both the Kestrel Hot Rods and the Shearwater HRs and love them both. They have a very distinctively different sound though so audition is a good idea unless the used price is too good to pass up. If you contact Meadowlark, currently located in upstate NY, and have any luck please let Agon know as there have been a couple of posts by people who were unsuccessful getting in touch with them (myself included). Good luck.
Thanks, just packed my Mirage OM5's, talk about work! My girlfriends pissed so i must move fast on new speakers. I 'm leaning towards ML Aerius but the lack of bass is a concern to me.
KRK Systems,go to website for some good deals and they sound very good also.Good luck,Bob
I love my Aerius but they are very placement sensitive and definitely require some help on the bottom end. And did I mention power hungry?

But when you hear the vocals, brass, strings on these speakers (any of which can drive you out of the room if harsh), you'll be proud of your purchase.
Ordered the Aeriusi, they have new upgraded panels. We shall see, should have them by 3/24. Thanks for the input.