Spade connectors from Romex to outlet?

Has anyone used spade connectors on the end of their Romex to connect the Romex to the screw down terminal of the outlet? I am switching from 12 gauge to 10 gauge and am having a hard time getting the bigger 10 gauge under the screw. I finally got the wires in there but in this process I started to think - why not use spade connectors on the end of the Romex. Seems like it would be a much better connection. Has any one done this? Which spades did you use? I'm more partial to the spades with screw down (mechanical) connector for the wire. As apposed to the crimp style.

Any input from folks that have been down this road would be appreciate
Remember that the wire is solid, not stranded. Spades rely on the compression of the stranded wire to crimp or screw down. Connection may loosen over time with solid wire. It would be a shame to burn down the house because of your stupid Stereo. (your wife talking)
Then again: There's nothing stopping you from soldering that spade to that solid wire. Personally, if it were me doing it: the termination would be crimped and soldered.
That's true, the screw down would work better on the stranded wire I suppose. Well, maybe then the crimp and soldering is the way to go. What kind of solder would use suggest I use Rodman?

Thanks to both of you for your comments.
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Do not use spades on an A/C outlet, they are not designed for A/C. Spades will stick out too far and might not fit back in the box without breaking. Bob_reynolds is correct about finding better outlets that have flanges that crimp down on the bare wire. Get a hospital grade duplex receptacle like a Hubbell 8200-I, it works fine with 10 ga. Romex.
Hey Bob, ya I feel stupid now. I didn't realize that the push in connection on the back of the outlet was the type that you could clamp down! I still think the spades would work great though.
Dill, yes you are right the spades will stick out a little, but there should be plenty of room in the plastic box to accomodate them. Might have to put a little heat shrink on the crimp part of the spade, but I think this would provide an excellent connection.
Well, just something to consider. I think I'll try it.

Thanks to all.
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No doubt: The best way to go is with the Hubbel Hospital Grade outlet. Higher amperage rating and tighter grip on your plug's prongs. Plus the push-in wire connection. If you're stuck on spades and solder: Use a standard flux-cored solder, and clean all the residue off with a solvent after soldering. The spades are super easy to trim, so there'd be nothing hanging out.
Hi Keith, I've done alot of experimenting with dedicated power over the past year or two. 10 gauge AWG is very hard to work with, especially if you are installing the 10 gauge under the neutral and hot screws on the sides of the duplex outlet. It can be done, but it takes alot of time and effort. What I've found is that I preferred the stab in connections on the back of the duplex outlet. With my system the sound was more open and faster with the "stab insertion" method, compared to the "under screw" method. I would not use a spade on your Romex leads. First, adding any extra connectors gives you a lose of power transfer--(or signal transfer, interconnects for example). Second, if you have any bare connection sticking out from the duplex outlet, you run the risk of shorting out the duplex socket if the bare Romex grounding wire touches your bare neutral or hot. I'm using an Isoclean 002j duplex outlet for my sources and three Wattgate 381gold duplex outlet's for my preamp and monoblock amps. Your mileage may vary, but I've tried multiple configurations over the last couple years and this method is what has worked best for my system. Best regards, Stan
Thanks you guys for your input. Ya, I'm going to go with the wire in the back of the outlet. Like I said in an earlier post - I didn't realize that the push in connection on the back is a clamp down set up. That'll work just fine.
Thanks to all for responding.