Soundsmith dl103r vs. Dynavector 17d3 ruby ?

Hi all , I've been enjoying a soundsmith (level 2 ruby line contact) dl103r for the last year… I absolutely loved it, and hated letting it go.
Recently had an opportunity to buy a dyna 17d karat with a ruby cantilever. I'm wondering how they compare,, anyone have any insight or experience?
Thanks, Harv.
I am curious about the Ruby Cantilever 17D3 . The original design of the Cartridge uses a very short [ 17mm ] Diamond Cantilever . Does Soundsmith use their standard length Cantilever ?? Does this affect the sound drastically ???

I have owned several Soundsmith Level 2 & 3 Ruby Cant. Cartridges including a Denon 103 w/Wood Body and my current Shelter 901 and feel every one was an improvement on the Original .
Since you "absolutely loved it" why did you "let it go"?
Finances dictated my sale of that 103r.
Sorry for leaving that little tidbit out?
Anything useful to add??
Finances dictated my sale of that 103r.
Sorry for leaving that little tidbit out?
Anything "useful" to add, or is that it?
Are you shure about ruby on the DV17D3 ?
Can you see the red cantilever ?
My own experience is limited at comparing the DL103 vs DV17D2mkII.
There is not much to compare between them.
The amount of info at HF was multiplied by 3
The speed & detail also
Both are exiting cartridges each one with it's own merits but the Dyna prefers a monitoring view while the Denon is a different animal, more upfront & perhaps more balanced but less definition of fine detail.
The body, clarity, power strength & soundstage are equal : not SOTA but true to the music & almost complete.
Both are excellent values but I would not compromise my source with anything less than the Denon DLS1. Same price with the Dyna but better.
Now... Between DL304 & DV17D2mkII that's a tough one !
I tend to prefer the DL103R over the DL304. Not by much, but I think it is a little more refined. I suppose with a ruby cantilever will be even more so, must betters the DV17 hands down.
Of course the diamond (KARAT) cantilever of the DV17 is not the limiting factor, neither I think that a custom Ruby cantilever could be an upgrade over the Diamond. Even more if it is longer than the standard 1.7mm
Again...Are you shure about it ?
This is a dv karat with factory ruby cantilever. Discontinued, now they do diamond only!
I have a grace f9, and shelter 501(possibly)
That are broken, and future soundsmith ruby candidates as well...
But for right now, the dyna is on it's way home, thank you for your descriptions and info, I am sure there isn't a huge difference between the diamond and ruby.
Well, case closed. I received the dyna today, and even my wife considered it 'muddy' compared to the SS Denon.
Man, that combo really is a great performer for the $$$!!!
Looks like I'm getting another!
Geoch, I was deasd wrong about the cartridge model! it is a Karat 23r!!!
I realized I had set it up wrong as well, wrong tracking force, and I had the leads reversed.
I must say, it is a fine sounding cartridge, very detailed and transparent, but it lacks the kick@ss dynamics of the 103r! Of course, I haven't experimented with different loading yet...
I just received my SS Denon (I bought it back from my friend)! so I was able to do an actual A/B test... That modded Denon is one heck of a cart., I didn't realize how good I had it all this time!!!
I'm wondering where I will have to go to improve upon it... I was trying to buy a damaged shelter 501 from a joker on here, but that didn't work out.....
I think a SS modded Shelter 501 might be just the ticket!
Panasonic strain gauge .... Game over.
It's a keeper.
I compared a ZU DL 103R with a ruby cantilever and line contact stylus retip from Soundsmith to a Dynavector 23R with Ruby Cantilever. I have not heard a 17D2 with a ruby cantilever. I must say that the ZU DL-103r with the soundsmith ruby cantilever and line contact stylus was superb. It rivaled several cartridges in the over $2K category. The 23R was just blah in comparison.
I've become enamoured with the Panasonic strain gauge cartridge with
A custom built gain stage.. It just 'works' with my current system.
I can't see anything in my price parameters coming close to matching it.
I've been rediscovering my vinyl collection
Could you elaborate on what you like about the strain gauge? What kind of music do you listen to?
Custom built gain stage sounds intriguing. Who built it?