Sound of DL-301II vs DL103R ?

I have a Thorens TD 320 with a TP16MKII tone arm (low mass 7.5g) that can handle a cartridge up to 8.5 g. I now have a Shure M97 and use a PS Audio Phonolink with MC capability. After reading all the great raves about the Denon DL 103R I thought I would look into buying one. The price was right and I have never had a MC before. After asking a few questions, I received a few suggestions that said the compliance was not optimal for use with my low mass TP16MKII. Denon has a DL 301II that should match my tone arm better. Has anyone heard the two ? What is the difference ? Should I still try a DL-103R ? Thanks ! Frano
I don't have experience of the 30 series.

I recently had a visitor interested in hearing a 103R however ... on his Dual 1228.

It took a bit of fiddling to get an acceptable VTA with a table/arm designed to work as a record changer. We solved two problems at once - effective mass and VTA.

I slipped a home-grown shim made of brass (about 5 grams) between the cartridge and the headshell. Between this and a record mat, the VTA was in the acceptable range, and the effective mass of the system was such that the bass was fairly tight.

All in all, I liked the presentation, although the owner did not. My sense is that he is used to his cone and dome drivers, and my Exemplar horns disoriented him.

You can get your combo to work with a 103r, but be prepared to add 5-8 grams to the headshell.

Thom @ Galibier