Denon DL-103/103R or DL-301II

I'd really like to hear some opinions on these carts, especially comparisions from folks who have used both. I listen to mostly classic pop/rock with some classical thrown in. I considered starting out with the DL-160 but I suspect the voltage might be too high for the MC stage and too low for the MM.

I will be using a Denon DP-500M tt - PRA-S10 preamp - POA-S10 monos. I'm absolutely new to vinyl and don't really understand the "impedence" aspect (nor the "abnormally low" signal to noise ratio for the MC stage) but I'll list the specs for my preamp:

Input sensitvity Impedence -
PHONO MC: 0.2 mV/100ohms
PHONO MM: 2.5 mV/47K kohms

Max input level-
PHONO MC: 13mv/1kHz
PHONO MM: 160mv/1kHz

Max output- 10V/150mV

Signal to noise ratio:
PHONO MC: 79db (at 0.5mV input)
PHONO MM: 96db (at 5 mv input)

I'm looking at the Denon carts because all my equipment is made by them but if there are better choices ( including MM cartridges) out there I would love to hear those opinions as well.

Dear Bumboola: IMHO you can do better with the Ortofon M20E Super that is a very good MM/MI analog sour alternative.
You can find it in NOS condition through ebay.

regards and enjoy the music,
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Raul, thank you for your suggestion, I will check into that tonight

Viridian, thank you for your infomative post, I had no idea about compliance or tonearm moving mass issues. I wonder why Denon lists the 103R as one of their recommended cartridges for this table? That leaves me with a question though about moving mass and how that is determined, it's not something listed in the specs. I know the headshell itself weighs 9g. but I'm assuming the actual weight of the tonearm doesn't have a lot to do with moving mass. I'm a little lost on that and would appreciate a little insight.

Also, when you describe the sound of the 301 as being "slightly light" does that refer to the bass and to a "thin" sound? If so, tht's not what I'm looking for, I don't want excess bass but I do want it to be somewhat accurate. Any idea if the 301II helps with that issue? I will check into your cartridge choice tonight as well.

Thanks again to both of you.
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