Sound Application for power amps

I've tried various power conditioners including Shunyata Hydra's and while they offer amazing benefits with digital and preamps, I have never thought that plugging amplifiers into these sounded beneficial. I currently am using my 300 watt SS amp plugged directly into the wall via a Purist Dominus power cord, which is fed by a dedicated line thru an Audio Excellence wall outlet. I have been told by a few members that the one conditioner that actually improves the sound of an amp is the Sound Application products. I would be buying used and would like some comments on this issue and which one to buy. I was also was wondering if I would need to put in a 20 amp wall outlet to accomodate the SA conditioner. Thank you
I like using my SA with ALL my gear, and yes, the SA needs a 20 amp. I use dominus fluid 20 amp cord.
Rhythmace4218, Both Sound Application models, the XE-12 and the Reference Line Stage (RLS), need a 20 amp connection. I compared both models in my primary and secondary systems and found the RLS to be a significant improvement over the XE-12. The RLS is more effective in cleaning up the AC hash. Consequently, you get better resolution, purer tone, sharper images, bigger soundstage, more musical presentation with reduced glare and smear, and a more involving experience. It has 6 outlets for Digital sources and 6 for analog. By isolating the digital from the rest, you reduce the effect of the digital hash on your analog components.
Puremusic, my main concern is whether or not the SA will limit the performance of amplifiers when plugged into the SA units. Can you comment on that? Thank you
711smilin, what amp do you use with the SA unit? Thank you
The SA RLS is NON current limiting, I use my Doddd 120's with it, and will use my Lamm ML2's when I get them next week.
I use the RLS on my Jadis JA80 tube monoblocks which drive the main speakers and on the solid state Bryston 7B ST amp which drives the subwoofer. There is no noticeable limitation of current. The RLS is not a transformer based conditioner.
I use Jim Weil's Line Stage for "everything" except my amps. IMO the Linestage is the best available in the market.Having said that however, amps should "always" be plugged directly into the wall and not into a line purifier.Even Jim Weil will tell you this. He came to my house to hook up his line stage and helped install the two dedicated lines for my amps All amp manufacturers will tell you this. I use two dedicated 30 amp lines on single stranded 6 gauge Romex wire each grounded at the street.
I've just tried one of Jim's older units. Remarkable! Correction to above: by ALL MEANS use SOUND APPLICATION units for amps as well. They are designed for high current demand. (JIM will confirm this.) I will simply say this - if you have excellent gear; you owe it the "dramatic" level of clean AC that Sound Application provides. I use reference Spectral with reference MIT. I am very impressed with what the Sound Application most 'basic' unit accomplishes. Without question reference level performance.