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The best speaker you ever heard?
Rocket625ill say this, my wilsons are the best sounding speakers around but do tend to eat amps wires components enough electricity to heat Manhattan. These babys are just plain thirsty. the next big purchase is a pair of audio research monoblocks... 
Top ten tube preamps
I replaced my Ref3 with the Lamm LL1 Signature dual mono preamp. Nothing more needs to be done.IMO this is the last word in preamps 
Reference DACS: An overall perspective
I own a Playback Designs MPS-5 and second your suggestion. It is a remarkable piece of equipment. If there is any shortcoming,it is minor at most and that is the lack of firewire inputs although every other possible input is present 
Lamm ML1.1 & ML 2.1
Hi JasonI did keep the SL55 and found a way to buy not only the ML3 Signature but so also Vladimir's new LL1 Signature preamp.A far more detailed and revealing system than its predecessor 
What preamps equal to or better than CJ ACT II
The new Lamm LL1 Signature, a dual mono 4 box system is a remarkable preamp (even without a remote control). 
JL Audio sub users
I have 2 Gotham subs integrated into my system. here is my audiogon link as to how I did itI run my X-2's full range BTW 
First tube roll: Which to change?
The best bang for your buck is the 12AX7 as this is the first tube that the signal sees 
ARC Ref 3 Power Cord
Thanks for the info 
ARC Ref 3 Power Cord
Honestly I am quite happy with all Valhalla throughout my system 
ARC Ref 3 Power Cord
Elberoth2I am very interested as to how you know that ARC gear is voiced using Shunyata Anaconda Helix Alpha power cords. Can you elaborate please. 
ARC Ref 3 Power Cord
I use Nordost Valhalla. Very pleased 
Air tight ATM 211 and MAXX
You'll blow the resistors on the MAXX if you have a power surge thus sparing the drivers. You should probably check them to make sure you don't need new resistors. Wilson Audio usually sends spare resistors in your kit. 
Lamm ML2.1 monos with MBL 101E, OPINIONS
KurtIf you go back and read my posts over the past year you will see that Vladimir loaned me his ML3 (s/n 001 and 002) from Jan to April earlier this year. It was a magnificent amp but at $139K I felt the ML 2.1 delivers 90% of the ML3 at 1/5 the ... 
Lamm ML2.1 monos with MBL 101E, OPINIONS
I have had the ML 2.1 for the past 3 years and would never change...truly a great amp BUT forget it for any speaker rated under 90 Db efficient and ideally nothing under 92 Db. Two great components but unfortunately will not work well with one ano... 
Which Sub. Rel B-1 or Fathom F-113
With two unequal loads running in parallel it would have put great strain on my Ref 3. This way it is prettty effortless. It was done also at the advice of the people from ARC