Sound Anchor vs Skylan stands?

The speakers I'm about to buy are Spendors 1/2. What are the best stands for them. These 2 brands are often mentioned - how do hey compare?
I can't say which are better only using Skylan..Very happy with Skylan stands ( Rehabed KHL6 )..They do exaclty what I want them to do..Also Noel is a great guy to deal with.......
I second the Skylan's and Noel. He made exactly what I needed with one quick phone call and his workmanship is great.
Everyone's taste is different. The only way to be 100% sure is to buy a pair of both, and re-sell the one that loses in your own personal face-off.

Isn't the small loss on the one you re-sell worth the investment in your system, knowing you have the best one for you?
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Noel (Skylan) and Bob (Sound Anchors) are great to work with. And, both products are excellent.

If you want "tuned metal", go with SA. If you like "no metal", go Skylan. By this I mean SA uses metal (tuned with sand fill) to construct their stands, Skylan does not.

Neat choices. I've owned both.
My main priority is deep punchy bass (the weakest link in any Spendors) - which ones do you think do it better?
Sistrum Speaker Stands blew away my Audio Note stands and I am sure it will do the same to these two mentioned stands.

Send them back for a refund if you do not like them. I am sure you will not return them.
For me the Skylans tightened up my bass..The slam didn't change but the quality of bass did..This what I expected and don't think any stand can perfom miracles..You aslo may consider pricepoint..My guess is that Sistrum systems are one of ( if not the best ) best stands available..Unfortunatley they don't come cheap..That said I think the Skylans are one of the best value/performance stands around. You have to make the choice.......