Soulsavers, Mark Lanegan, Gutter Twins

If you are a fan of Mark Lanegan or any of his projects (Gutter Twins, Soulsavers) there is a really nice (and free!) flac download on marklanegan dot org. It's a live, 8 song, radio performance of the Soulsavers. Mostly stuff from the new record, Broken. It is pretty damn nice stuff. Thought I would pass it along...I particularly like the song Unbalanced Pieces...
Thanks Richard. I just saw Soulsavers again recently when they came through town. Great show. Lanegan was in fine form, as usual. must be somewhere in europe. they never come around here for some reason. gutter twins had a show scheduled but cancelled. the twilight singers do come pretty often as greg dulli grew up nearby. i have some pretty fond memories of afghan whigs shows when i was younger, the gentleman tour in particular!
That link doesn't work for me. Can you check it and provide the correct one.
sorry it should be .net
Los Angeles actually Richard.

Yeah, the first Soulsavers tour was only five dates, and the most recent one was just a little bigger. Both times, they played The Troubadour here. Dulli was present.
I've been fortunate enough to see The Gutter Twins twice, and also the Dulli/Lanegan acoustic tour (which was spectacular).

I love the Twilight Singers, but I do miss the Afghan Whigs. Heady days....
spiritualized (love the name by the way!)...

you have been fortunate and entertained, no doubt. i'm in ohio, not to far from "fountain and fairfax", and we get bits and pieces of most tours. i'm also getting old so concerts are not as easy on the soul as they used to be. there are a few artists i will go see no matter what and these guys are near top of the list. i saw the whigs many times and it was back in the day so the clubs were small and classic. the gentleman show at stache's was one of the best nights of my life. one cool thing about being here...marcy mays who sings "my curse" on the gentleman album lives in columbus (she had a great band in the 80's called scrawl) so whenever dulli plays here, she comes on and does "my curse". she wails and it damn near brings tears to my eyes. they still do it when he comes with the twilight singers.

i could go on and on about how this family of bands has been the soundtrack for my life over the course of many years. it's just music that moves my soul like few other bands can. i always am surprised so few have even heard of them let alone spin them often. i can only guess they have never heard them. if you aren't moved when you hear lanegan blues out "lexington slow down" you must be dead.

it's really wild that after years of listening to mark lanegan and whigs/twilight stuff they end up together! thats just magic for me...

here comes that wierd chill.
Yes Richard, I have been both fortunate and entertained.

I would go as far as to say, Greg Dulli is one of the finest song writers alive in this great country today. He consistently produces well crafted, thought provoking material. And, it has soul.

I too, have been fortunate enough to see Marcy perform "My Curse" with Dulli, and it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It is a powerful and moving song. I'd love to see him put the Whigs back together again for a tour, but I don't think it's on the cards. A couple of years ago, I ran into him at a Joseph Arthur show - it was around the time they'd recorded 2 songs for the Rhino retrospective - and asked him if they would consider reforming. He told me that even though they all remained very close, the vibe just wasn't there anymore. Too bad.

Lanegan is simply a force of nature. At the last Soulsavers show, they did a great version of "Hit The City". Thrilling stuff.
so envious of those gutter twins, soulsavers shows! do you have any idea where to find a lossless version of adorata? i think it is the best music thats come out for a long while, i actually like it better than saturnalia but only find it in mp3 download. i don't think it ever came out on disc either.
thanks for the heads up on the soulsavers. their cover of "some misunderstanding", an extremely obscure gene clark track, is fantastic.
Hi Richard, I don't think "Adorata" has been released Losslessly. I haven't bought it yet for that very reason. I keep hoping...
it's worth getting anyway. i held out for a long time and finally just downloaded it. at least it's 320k mp3, it sounds ok but the music is must have stuff. as i mentioned, i really like it better than the first record. dulli and lanegan really seem to be finding their groove together.

i have been asking around and it does not seem to be coming out in disc or lossless, just grab it as is. i think you will be pleased and maybe somewhat surprised at the sound quality.