Sophia Pfister "Birdcage"

I just wanted to bring this record forward as a service to all music lovers. Released in 2018 and limited to 500, ( just looked on her website) , only 66 left and on sale for just $20.00.

This is a must have IMO. Every time I listen, I love it more. That's a very good thing!
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Thank you, I listened enough on youtube to know you passed on something I will truly enjoy.

there is a separate thread about ’whats on your TT tonight’, that would be a great place for you to post this.

one of my ’must haves’ is this Cassandra Wilson LP

you might find it for less, this was a quick search

I've mentioned it there a few times.
Thanks slaw for the heads up, went ahead and ordered Birdcage and the EP she had some copys left for $5.00. Haven't been buying much music lately so looking forward to getting these and trying them out. Enjoy the music
Thank you, like tooblue, I ordered both. 

Thanks. Listened to a sample and ordered

Jim Perry