Soon to be Ultimate II owner

Here is my e mail address for responces regarding the soundlab ultimate II speakers. Thanks for your replys in advance. Shane Hofkamp [email protected]
Hey Hoffa I am a Ultimate II owner and will not part with these for any amount of money.They have been everything I could have expected from a speaker.I know all of them have short comings but for me this has been the Ultimate (I couldn't help it).Do not be discourged by those who claim that electrostats don't do bass.This one will surprise you. You must find the right amp to make them really sing though. Don't give up on them. And oh, I must say that you "must" include Shunyata King Cobra's (power cords)in your system.Start with your digtal ,then your preamp. I placed Black Mamba's on the Soundlab's. I have never looked back once.Of course,all this must be done over time to see what your results are.Don't try too much too soon. Give the speakers time to settle and break in.You are a fortunate soul to acquire them. They are really for music lovers and not audiophiles who love changing equipment often.These are "keepers".BTW, I am driving them with ARC-M300's ....these are mono amps with power to spare on these babies.Forget the amp of the month club.Settle for what you know.
I'm not an Ultimate II owner but I did purchase the Sound Labs M2's several months ago. I wanted to reiterate the previous follow-up in regards to an amp. I didn't realize what these speakers were capable of until updating power amps. I hear tubes are the way to go with these, but the Rowlands blew me away - I purchased some used 9T's. I, and virtually everyone that passes through my home, has been completely amazed. I can no longer listen to music casually, it forces my attention and enjoyment. These speakers will give you great rewards when properly driven. Good luck!