Sony TA-E88B ???

HI to everybody,
I just bought a Sony TA-E88b and may need some advice on it.first i will give you my setup :
computer-amarra-Focusrite Professionnal converter - Sony TA-E88B-----mcintosh 2255----JBL L300
ok. i have at my disposal a C11 original Mcintosh completely check and running well
a Luxman C1000 and the Sony TA-E88B.Some people say that the sony is great .I bought mine ...all the important caps has been changed and the pot cleaned.
Can you give me your experience about the "sound"...
I am VERY disapointed . Very. Out of the 3 is by far ... I MEAN far the last musical of the 3.
it has no "life". the sound is a bit 2D instead of 3D.The "music" that goes out is "flat"
It is FOR SURE quiter than the C11....but NO MUSIC COMES OUT.
How much did you bought it for, it is 30 + yrs old ya know.
Nice preamp with a very good phono stage, may need recapping.
I had both the C1000 and the Sony back in the early 80s but too much time has gone by to reconstruct the sound quality. Preamps have gotten much better since then. New caps would be my first step.
got it for about 600 dollars. in perfect shape. recapped AND pot cleaned....
Yeah, it says that in the original post. I just missed it. Give it a chance to break in if newly done. Maybe it was modded?

Why don't you try an Adcom GFP-750?
I understand the lure of nice, vintage gear.
I thought my Jeff Rowland Consonance would hold up for years against newer preamps.
The Adcom just sounded better, and it was fully balanced.
I consider this a benchmark preamp, especially at it's price point.
Even single-ended, this piece sounds very good.
It seems like it needs to be serviced.
Maybe new electrolytics?
Its been a long time since I listened to one, but I would not toss it out yet. Likely would benefit from power supply bypass caps. and if there are interstage coupling caps, bypass those too. If you shoot me the schematic, I may be able to help you.

HI JOhn,
That would be great.but i "think" there is no condenser in the signal.
I have the full doc .any email where i can send you that ?
thanks :-)
What ever happened with the Sony preamp?