Sony SCD-XA9000es vs. SCD-1 sacd playback?

Has anyone got to compare the two in sacd playback? Is the new Sony XA9000es the equal or better than the SCD-1? Any help in finding reviews that might compare the two would also be very helpful. Thanks!
Damn, Tom. I've asked this same question and never gotten a reply, so I conclude no one who reads AudiogoN has made such a comparison. I'd also like to know if there is an appreciable difference between a XA9000ES and a DVP-NS9100ES, but apparently no one has made that comparison either. The local (Santa Barbara) Sony shop doesn't carry either, and the two high-end stores don't carry Sony.

I have a 9100ES and 9000ES, and thought to buy either a SCD-1 or XA9000ES when the HD-DVD wars settle and I no longer need DVD coverage. I've been warned away from the older SCD-1 by one expert, another says they're fine if you keep them serviced.

I never had any problems with my SCD-1. I sold it local and it still has played everything thrown at it. I am looking for a player for almost all sacd. After listening to many players for my main system I have decided on either the Cary or Ayre sacd players.
However for just sacd (in a second system) I always thought the sony (scd-1) was there equal. (different in some reguards but just as good across the board) I have decided to see if I can get the scd-1 sacd sound without the size, weight and cost. Maybe I'm dreaming? If you get a chance to compare them let me know.
I have been using a modified SCD-1 for about four years. It did need one repaiy that cost $150, but otherwise it has been great. I di have a Sonic Frontiers Processor 3 on the bluebook output of the SCD-1 and it is a wonderful performer in both mediums.