Sony NS500V mods

Bought one of these units for 2 channel SACD ,(pretty good considering the cost of the unit), I am about to send it off to Michael at SACDmods for the treatment.

Before I do, anyone who has had the mods performed on the unit care to comment?

Michael tells me that though he did not intend it, the video performance has improved as well.

I use it's digital output into my HT processor for film viewing, and the two channel outputs to feed my preamp for SACD and Redbook playback.
I just got a deal on one of these in an Ebay auction, unmodded, and in my bedroom system, I am very impressed. Please let us know the cost of mod and how it sounds when you get it back.
Check out
Go to Products and click on Modified SACD/CD player.
You will find the info you want. Happy tuning.