Sony DVP-NS500V vs. Marantz CD-5000?

I'm considering purchasing either a Sony DVP-NS500V or a Marantz CD-5000 for an audio based system. I am using tube amplification (Music Reference RM-10) and a set of Conrad Johnson Synthesis LM210 speakers. I'll probably be using a passive preamp between the CD player and amp.
Any thoughts on which might be a BETTER player for this set-up?

Thanks in advance,

I'd choose the Sony, because if I were using this in an audio-based system I'd want the best possible performance and the Sony is probably easier to get modified. I'd have someone like Ric Schultz(, Dan Wright, or Stan Warren turn it into a killer for a few hundred bucks. I wouldn't be thrilled with either one of them in stock form for serious listening. Best of luck.

Thanks Tim,

Good advice. Do you know how to get in touch with Stan Warren these days? I've never been able to find his website if he has one.


SACD in the Sony sounds better than my Cal Audio 24/96 Tube dac.Even with MFSL cd's, cd performance is below par.System is Music Reference Preamp and Amp[RM-200].
Hi Steve,

No idea how to get in touch with Stan. I'd try doing a search here to see if it comes up.