Sony ES SCD-C2000ES

Any opinion on theSony ES SCD-C2000ES?
Ecluding the sacd capability, would you think it superior to my old Sony c79es changer which needs repair.
Don't know your older unit but I recieved one of these 2000ES today from Oade Bros for $295 + shipping and I'm happy with it so far.

It isn't a tank but it's better constructed than most of the DVD Players around. It weights 13 lbs, uses 2 transformers, has digital out, 2 and 5.1 channel out, a good menu, the display can be set off from the remote, has headphone jack with volume adjustment, and is silver colored.

I'm break-in the unit but so far is doing good. For $300 you get SACd, transport capability, multi-channel ( I don't care much about it though) and it is not bad with CD's.