Use a seperate DAC with a Sony SCD-C2000ES

I'm new here and have a quick question:

Would it be a substantial ‘upgrade’ to use a separate DAC with a Sony SCD-C2000ES? I have a stereo only setup with a pair of PSB Image T55’s and an NAD C320BEE integrated amp. I use decent interconnects and a line conditioner. I know this is all very subjective, but I have no idea what DACs are in the Sony.

Just some general advice would be appreciated!

The problem with adding a DAC is that it will only work on regular redbook CDs, not SACD. One of the benefits of the Sony SCD-C2000ES is that it has pretty good SACD performance.

You might want to consider having the Sony mod'd if you desire better redbook CD playback and better SACD sound. If improving SACD is not important to you, you could go the DAC route.


I'm the person who posted...figuring out the forum. Do you have a suggestion for a good place to get the unit modded?
I have seen the 2000ES listed at OadeBrothers as a mod candidate and I think I have seen mention of TRL (tube research labs) performing mods on that model. I'm sure there are others around too.

I would suggest that you create a new post asking "who performs Mods on Sony SCD-C2000ES". You will likely get several suggestions.


TRL has modded this unit quite a bit with very good results.
$550 price point and the sound would be hard to beat by any external DAC for that amount of money and well beyond.
I had the Sony 595 TRL mod which is the non ES version of the 2000.
The 595 was excellent. The 2000 modded is supposedly a bit better.
Good luck.