Sony DVP-NS999ES vs. Sony DVP-S9000ES

Has anyone compared both of these players? The NS999ES is the newest player to come from Sony, but is it necessarily better than the 9000ES? What I am looking for is the following comparisons:

a) Video playback
b) SACD playback
c) Redbook playback

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
I don't have any experience but have heard that the S9000ES is the champion of 2 channel audio for SACD and redbook. Other than that- multichannel audio and video performance, the 999ES outperforms its predecessor handily. There is a review of this player in the latest issue of The Perfect Vision which discusses the differences in detail.
I bought the NS999es and really like it. It is a huge upgrade from my old sony 7700. There are several threads in AVS forums ( (DVD Hardware) to help you decide. The 0000es is heavy and built like a tank whereas the 999es is a lightweight but it has multichannel SACD.
I have never had the opportunity to hear the 9000es but bought the 999es in early December. It is almost fully "broken in" and sounds incredible. Not quite as good on redbook as my previous digital set-up (AA DTI-PRO32 and Parasound DAC1000)but the SACD is jaw droppingly good. The picture quality is top notch and, while not the behemoth the 9000es was, is not exactly a lighweight like most of the DVD players on the market. It comes in around 13-14lbs. Luckily, it has digital outputs so I can continue using my current digital equipment. I haven't tested it yet but I think it will make a fine transport. Tony