Sony DVP NS999ES?

Hi. I have not posted in quite some time. While making my final round at my local Thrift Store yesterday I found one of these amazingly in excellent condition, minus some scuffs on the top of the unit but nothing that shouldn't buff out. No scratches and a clean faceplate/display, and back. No remote but for now I bought a cheap universal remote. So I have $30 in this unit with the universal remote. The unit works great. I played 2001 A Space Odyssey and the unit played fine and has exceptional visual quality. I am using a Yamaha RX-V992 Receiver, and a pair of Kef 102's, and a 20 year old RCA TV (The Best TV I Have Ever Had!).
Can anybody provide their opinion of this unit? Anything I should know about this unit that is not found in reviews. Seems like it has rock solid reliability. Thanks for any input. -Mark-
WOW. A great music machine too.
It was one of my favorite players for 2 channel RB and SACD a few years back...cost $900 when new. I still have it in my HT setup:O)
Some pics not that anybody here hasn't seen one before.