SonusFaber & Lamm ?

I am curious of such combo, anyone has something like that ?
I think that the new Homage series (Stradivari, Anniversario, Memento) could make an awesome combo wit all Lamm amps.
Any such experiences ?
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I heard SFs with both Art Audio and Audio Research and in my opinion, if you like the smooth sound, you'll not go far wrong with any tube provided you get a suitable matching power.

The only issue is the sensitivity - you may find the 18W SET will stuggle with 92dB / V.

I'm looking at the hybrid Lamm amps as my particular Wilsons are not so sensitive.
My experience is the the SF speakers need more power than 18W. I have the SF Grand Piano's. I've run them with a 7 watt SET (didn't work at all), a 55 WPC push-pull (good, but still not enough), and finally a 110 WPC push-pull (just right!).
I wish these speakers could be powered by a SET, but they really can't be, unless you can find a 100 watt SET. I don't even know if such a thing exists.

The maximum SET I know is 60watts provided by 212 valve(Komuro audio, next is 1610 valve providing 55watts (Cary1610!!!), next is G70 valve with 36-37 (DeHavilland...) and following the well known 18watts and so on.

I'm interesting in general of Lamm+Sonus Faber synergy.
I wish to meet such combo owners in the Agon.
Powerful SETs? Art Audio Adagio(60w monos) $23K/p, Siltech Signature Tube( Limited Edition wonders-80W monos) $70K/p, New Unison Research Reference( parallel 845s, 80W monos) $40K/p and there are few others...
All Lamms(M1.2,M2.2 and ML1.1) will work with Sonus Hommage family except ML2.1-18w is simply 18w( despite the fact that this 18w are probably BIGGEST 18w on the market!)...
My friend had a chance to audition M2.1(old version)/L2 combo with his Amati Hommage but, he decided to stick with his ARC VT200MkII/REF2MkII combo. I respect Lamm very much but, I suspect it is not my cup of tea...
Wanted to know if there were any more thoughts on the Sonus Faber- Lamm combination? People speak of the synergy between Lamm and Wilson. Is the Lamm (hybrid) and SF combo as magical? I was thinking specifically of the 2.2 and the Stradivari. Any thoughts on this?
At the moment have the Stradivari with LAMM 1,2 and the match is really good.
The Stradivari speakers are just magic, and like Michael Fremer said in the Stereophile review : to fall in love with.
There may be speakers with ´more´ but the moment you listen to Strad´s and enjoy music you are beyond need for ´more´.
The Strad´s need a dominant amplifier with speed and authority. since 93 Db there should be no need for mega watt amplifiers.
About the LAMM hybrid.
I have listened to different LAMM on different speakers, and ik like the tubes better then the hybrids.
the hybrids are just a bit tame in top.
there is a wonderfull involvement with the hybrids, but compared to he very best tube amps they lack transparancy and brilliance in the upper register.
If we compare the hybrid with the bigger Atmasphere it´s like the Atmasphere has another 5 Khz on top brought in.
(i would not choose any OTL on the Strad´s though) they have 2,4 ohm somewhere as lowest impedance.

So the synergy LAMM Stradivari is a very nice one, but i would not actually BUY the LAMM having Strad´s.
the 1,1 would be very interesting.
But think about the BAT VK-150SE as a partner too.

Best amplifier i ever heard was the WAVAC 833 SE with 150 watt´s out of one single tube.
i might as well give one of my kidneys for these amps.

The Stradivari is here to stay.