Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors

I am looking to upgrade from Quad 11L based Ht system to a higher plane of speaker. I am very interested in the b&w 805s and was ready to buy today until I heard the new sf auditor which blew me away. I now have on order the cremona auditors for fronts, the solo home, and concertinos in black for surrounds. I already have a great sub. My question is how do you think this blending of different lines will be? My local dealer suggested this as it will be outstanding for two channel and great for HT too. Should I stick with this or try b&w 805 sigs?


Stay with the Sonus Fabers -- just my opinion.
B&W gives you Hi Fi sound, Sonus Faber gives you music. I used to have B&W...just my opinion.
i listened to the cremona auditor the other day in ann arbor, MI, and i was stunned! they were played with a mid price linn system, and their performance was beautiful. all i have been able to think about since then is "how am i gonna come up with $4500 in the next couple weeks?". i would buy these speakers without hesitation. soundstage was perfect, bass response was surprising for such a small speaker, and they are beautiful to look at.
Have you heard the Verity Audio Parsifal Encore speaker or The Dynaudio Evidence Temptation? Hoe do they compare to the Wilson WP 7, the Vandersteen 5A or the Avalon Eidolons?