Mini Monitors: Sonus Faber Cremona or Micro Utopia

I currently have Reference 3A Dulcet mini monitors and I'm looking to upgrade. I like the Dulcets a lot (I've also had the DeCapos and Royal Masters), but they sound a little thin to me. I'd like a little more bass and fullness without sacrificing detail and wonderful highs. Does anyone have a sense of how the Sonus Faber Cremona M's or JM Labs (original, not with the BE tweeter) compare to one another or to the Dulcets? I've been thinking about those two seriously. I'd like to hear them, but I don't have a lot of opportunities where I live.

I have a small listening room, about 8 x 10, and listen to LPs exclusively (VPI Aries original turntable). I have different amps available, from 30w solid state (Nelson Pass) to 100w solid state (Rowland) to an integrated tube amp (15w, E.A.R.). I listen to lots of different kinds of music, including soul, reggae, classic rock, jazz, funk, indie rock, rap, ska, etc.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. And I know it all depends on your own ears, the other gear in the system, etc., but I'd like to hear some opinions nevertheless. I know no one has the definitive answer. Also, if there are other mini monitors that you think should be on my short list, do let me know.

I came real close to buying a pair of SF Cremora auditor M's. What stopped me was hearing the Dynaudio C1's (which I bought for the same money). I have since upgraded to the C1 signatures. The SF sounded great BUT a little more laid back than I prefer.

That being said if you haven't heard the dyn's I would suggest listening to them.
I own the Auditors (not M) and will say yes they are more organic sounding versus sounding dynamic and energetic but I would say with the right amp and clean power, they sound to me perfectly balanced with a very natural warmth and tone. But like the OP said, it all depends on your own ears.
Before I bought JM Lab Mini Utopias, I listened extensively to the Micro Utopias, DeCapos, and the small, top of the line SFs at that time - I’m sorry, I can’t recall the model designation. I preferred the Micros by a considerable margin but I know others who prefer the SFs. All three are good speakers with the Micros and SFs clearly outclassing the DeCapos IMO. You have to get everything upstream right for the Utopias to shine, in my experience. In your small room, all three of your amps - even the EAR - might work; although I wouldn’t recommend trying a 15W amp if you didn’t already own it.

Are you familiar with Sonus Faber’s service policy for speakers not purchased from an authorized dealer - it’s absolutely dreadful IMO. Sonus Faber thread
I have the Micros and have owned the SF Auditor M twice. VERY different speakers. I stayed with the Focals because the tweeter is a masterpiece. The SF uses the Scanspeak ring radiator which is also amazing but the Focal tweeter is reason enough to pick them. I have had the Dynaudio C1 MK2, B&W 805D2, Merlin TSM MMI, Usher Tiny Dancer - all of which have been sold and I kept the Focal.

I wrote this review of the Dyn/Focal/Harbeth that was pretty long:
My .o2, if there you can find a pair of used Sonus Faber Electa Amator II's (not I's as I don't think SF offers replacement drives for them) get them. Don't look back, get them. I have not heard either of the speakers you are looking so don't have reference point but can tell you that I've been living with the SF EAII's for about a year and they offer a big, bold, beautiful sound. You and I have similar musical taste (besides rap). You'll love em