Upgrading Sonus Faber Cremona M - Elipsa SE


I currently own The Cremona M's and am thinking of upgrading to The Elipsa SE. I have heard The Elipsa's, not the SE but have not had the opportunity to A-B with The Cremona's side by side.
Does anyone have experience with both?
Is it a significant upgrade in your opinion?
Is it worth the additional cost?

Any feedback will be appreciated.

I've heard great things about the Elipsa's....good luck. Merry Christmas and let me know more about your Cremona m's. I'm in the market. What finish, condition, age, etc.
My Cremona M's are Maple, 2 years old and are like new.

Not a mark on them. Purchased from an authorized dealer and have all documents, boxes accessories etc.

Set them up when purchased new and have been in my living room since.

They are covered with the covers supplied by Sonus Faber when not in use.
New ones much better jump on them now!!
Listened to Ellipsa-SE for 3 hours. Wonderful speaker. Was comparing Kef 207/2, Revel Salon 2, TAD Evo-1 and Vienna The Muzik.

The Ellipsa-SE was wonderful and I truly enjoyed the time I spent with it. A speaker I could unquestionably live with and enjoy forever. I got a crazy good deal on The Muzik and jumped on it.

Happy to discuss via email my impressions and opinions of all of the above.