Sonic Truth.....Very Well Said...

ishkabibil a myth based dogma that sonic truth can only be realized with the absolute most expensive gear available..

Agreed.  Like I said before I have listened to many systems priced beyond one's means and actually have not been impressed by their "thin" underwhelming
I totally concur. I have listened to many megabuck systems that left me asking, what? and why?

For example, the MBL Radialstrahler speakers. I can’t see why anyone would like this design except for, perhaps, the visual impact they provide. I tried but could not enjoy those large snail looking alien horn affairs. Again, where’s the bass?

Other components I scratch my head over when it comes to the sonic value/price include Nordost cables, Wilson speakers, SME turntables and D’Agostino amplifiers ( I used to own and enjoy Krell FPBcx series preamps and amps so I have no idea what’s going on with Dan).
Obviously there’s a lot more to HEA than plugging a bunch of expensive and pretty stuff into the wall and connecting them with cables. Necessity is the mother of invention.
funny, aint no horns in a big MBL...maybe open ears next time, and eyes..

and yes, I have serious time w them....