Sonic Impact T-Amp giant killer?

I did a search and didn't find anything...have you folks heard about the $30 wonder?

It seems it's turning a few heads...
Yep, it's this weeks rage at the Audio Asylum forum. The Audio Circle forum has a lot of posts on it also if you do a search over there.

I may pick one up for my wife to use at her computer.

I believe they sell for 39.95 and you'll need the power supply which is 19.95 (unless you use batteries). That makes it a $60 amp. Using a Pinnacle 12v power supply will give better midrange, a weak point of an otherwise very open and clean sounding amp. Personally, I still like tubes but I have two of these little guys, one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom.
Well, I like the flavor a LOT! :-)

Been using one of these to drive my AKG K-1000 headphones to some BEAUTIFUL music!!

And combined with a tube preamp (good advice on AA), it played some great music. The Teac Tripath amp is even better, a little more dynamic and detailed.
I bought one at Target about 8 to 10 months ago, after seeing the rave over at Audio Asylum.

They're inexpensive, I'll give them that. Are they a giant killer? Only if your giant is small.

I saw a suggestion at Amp Asylum to use it as a wireless patio system while entertaining friends. Mine will come back out of the box once it warms up enough to entertain.

a very special product indeed, magic with appropriately sensitive speakers and a good source/preamp/cabling. laughably inexpensive (i didn't say CHEAP), so few of those who equate expense with quality of sound will take it seriously.
forgot to also emphasize the importance of a good, outboard power supply (13.8V, 2A, regulated). the radio shack RCA to mini-jack adapter (#274-883) is also the best way to use your own cables IMHO, but then you'll need something to hold it down! sounds best when driven by a high quality preamp with it's volume control all the way up per the 6moons review. i'm itching to hear one with the omega speakers!
Well if you like that Doc, check this out Clari T Amp . This is supposed to be an audiophile version of the sonic impact(not a modified Sonic Impact). I'm still waiting on mine to arrive.It will be powering Omega Grande 8s as well as some Bob Brines speakers when I can get my hands on them! As usual I'm like a kid at Christmas!
hi Gmood1, that amp looks interesting, but at nearly 17 times the price? the point is that the sonic impact IS an audiophile piece(properly implemented, with good quality cabling and PS), clunky connectors and all, and will likely go toe-to-toe with the Clari T at a paltry $29.95. i suggest an earnest comparison on your part between the two, allowing about 100 hours of break in for each.
The Clari T is nice looking piece, granted. i look forward to hearing about your impressions of it.
Hi MusicDoc... here's a small review from a old physician, that I consider a friend and trust in his comparisons of these two products.Clari T Amp intial impressions.
I will eventually setup a shootout on my own in the future.
Vinnie has just started his own company and leaving his corporate job as a electrical engineer.My congrats to him for having the balls to go out and make a living at something he loves. To be only 25 yrs old, he will no doubt be very successful in what ever he does!
thanks Gmood1. the main comment that caught my eye was that the Clari T eclipsed the battery powered T amp. one shouldn't even consider the battery powered T amp--just with a big outboard power supply. even then the outlay still wouldn't exceed $75 (15% the cost of the Clari T). one must factor the extreme price differential into the comparison. now don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to start a pissing contest here. i'm sure both products (as well as the Teac) are excellent, and there's always going to be that drive for an "audiophile" version of more basic (albeit excellent in their own right) products. i can only say personally that i am not in the least compelled to audition a Clari T at this point in time, but am very interested in keeping abreast of others thoughts and impressions. that may change. my congrats to vinnie for pursuing his passion.
No contest intended my friend. As with all things one must equate what things are worth to him or herself. Being this is a special production peice, the designer has to make a living somewhere.It's no different with any other audio component. There has to be some mark up.Have you taken a look at the Final Labs Music 5 and 6 gear? The battery powered amplifier alone is $3250.00.You still need a preamp..another $3250.00 LOL. I think we are on the same page.Simplicity is where it's at for me right now as well.

Good Listening!
Looks like the TriPath control module is getting some respect. Give it a real power supply and output devices and you got a CarverPro ZR1600 amp which does the same things at 600 watts per channel, for about a grand.

My take is that the Sonic Impact "gets it" about digital amps...good performance at very low cost. On the other hand the Clari T looks like a very neat packaging job, but priced with the (somewhat gullible) audiophile market in mind. I suspect that both will find success in their respective markets.
Yeap your right Eldartford.The Carver does do some things like the Clari T amp.But and this is a big BUT, the Clari T doesn't have the noise floor of the Carver ZR1600 or the unneeded garbage in the signal path. Two of the owners of this little gullible amplifier own the Carvers as well.Soon there will be three since I also owned the Carver ZR1600.Guess which one gets full duty in their systems! Uh...It ain't the Carver!
Gmood1...My 3 CarverPro ZR1600 amps do not have any significant "noise floor", but I did have to "diddle" more than usual to achieve this silence. Consider the following suggestions:

1..Use the ground lift switches as required.
2..Experiment with which AC power line you use, particularly with respect to what the source components are plugged in to.
3..Adjust the input sensitivity jumpers to as low a gain as your preamp will accomodate. I use 2.45vrms for my subwoofers, and 1.23vrms for the low efficiency MG1.6. (The factory setting is 0.775vrms, and there is also a 0.316 setting).
4..Balanced or unbalanced (20 foot) interconnects make no difference (at least in my setup).
5..If you think that the input processing circuitry (garbage) is a problem, and the built in bypass switches don't satisfy you, this stuff is easy to hard bypass with a wire.

I assume that you are not talking about the noisy cooling fan. Remote location of the amp is the only perfect fix for that, although there is a low noise fan mod.
The cost topic has come up before here. Mr Rossi states that his part cost is over $100 before his labor. Also there is no need for a pre-amp for the Clari-T whereas 6moons' best set up with the Sonic Impact was with a pre-amp.
both can be used as a one-input stand alone amp or with a preamp (the Clari T can be configured/constructed either way, whereas with the SI you just crank the volume control to maximum). myself i always prefer a high quality preamp for input switching and phono stages, and i suspect that the Clari T will sound it's best with a high-quality pre as well--not to diminish what i'm sure is great sound through a much higher quality volume pot in it's one input version. if you only have one source, then that certainly does change the comparative equation, and not in a small way.

in the process of constructing a much better quality power supply for the SI--a velleman K7203 highly regulated 3 amp PS kit.
Reading the consensus of the first owners.Most prefer the Clari T Amp without the additional preamp in the path.But it all boils back down to ...whatever floats your boat.Also as you've stated the number of sources you have to plug in will make that decision for you. At a time when audiophools spend $1000.00 for a pair of mystical cables..that look good more than anything else.The Clari T should be a very cheap ticket to audio nirvana with real science behind it.

Checkout this cool custom box for the little tripath chips
Tripath/Sonic Impact chassis. Even for the yuppy have to admit that chassis is a winner!
That price must be a typo!!! LOL
You got guys paying 20 times that for a pretty box.
i admit it....i'm a sucker for a silver case with a blue LED. maybe that will be a part of my upgrade path. temptations, temptations. we audiophools are a gullible bunch :-)
HeHeHe..amen to that! I wouldn't have it any other way!!
Well..I'm off to piss my wife off again with another audio toy purchase!! That dog house is really starting to grow on me.
I've been burning the Tripath battery powered(12 SLA) in for a few days now. When paired with sensitive speakers the Clari T Amp is a true giant killer for sure! And it can kill some big ass giants!

The sound is totally nonfatiguing. Yet vivid ,fleshy and engaging.Combined with the proper speakers and can't help but be drawn into the music.

If some think the SI powered by a wall wart is great.And many do..including some professional reviewers.They really need to hook up a 12 volt battery,remove unnecessary circuits and see what they've been missing. Anyone in the Georgia /Alabama area that would like to try it out against their Reference low wattage tube amp(what ever the cost) give me a holler.

(Disclaimer)Just don't take it out on me when the ClariT embarasses it with it's sheer muscle and musicality. One owner describes it's sound as a tough (inner city) SET tube amplifier wearing leather.LOL.. I really got a kick out of that one! This is simplicity at it's finest .

Good Listening!
Mine's going to be dropped off by UPS today, along with a Scott Nixon DAC that Vinnie put into one of his enclosures for me. Hopefully I'm in for a night of SLA battery-powered bliss.

I have a friend that owns the Scott Nixon dac.I haven't had a chance to hear it though.I don't think his is the battery powered version though.He has only good things to say about it.
The first couple of hours the top end will be grainy and closed in on the Clari T Amp(no surprise as the switching power supplies need to get going).
By the end of the night your going to do some cart wheels in the listening room. By the third day it will be sommersaults with half twists! Try not to hurt yourself ! LOL

Let us know what you think!

Happy Listening!
I got the dac & amp last night. With a/c out of the picture the only noise that's left is what's on the cd. Or the refrigerator upstairs when it's running. Otherwise, and I know it might sound cliche, but music emerges from an almost unnerving dead silence. The purity and realism these two components deliver has got to be heard to be appreciated, I just can't explain it. And that's only after a few hours of listening, I can't wait to get some more time on the amp & dac and for my real speakers (at 100dB/W) to get here.

Terrific haven't heard anything yet! That gear is far from burned in.Listen for it to open up over the next 30 hours.From what others say it will only get better.I have maybe 60 hrs on mine now and it continues to improve.I also agree the only way to understand is hear it for yourself.
Ah, IMHO, yeah, it's a giant killer alright. I just got mine today, and out of the box, it already sounds as good as my Decware Zen 84C. I've had other amps, Welborne DRD 300B, Atma-Sphere M60 MkII. It almost equals those in terms of sheer enjoyment. Those amps have their special qualities (Atma Sphere's transparency and speed, Welborne Labs fluid sound), but in terms of overall presentation for the money, I prefer the Sonic Impact. Maybe I'm thinking more of value. In any event, I'm seriously thinking about purchasing Rossi's Clari-T or Art Taylor's version.

I'll be getting my Omega Super 3's hopefully this week, and will try to get another perspective then. By then, the Sonic Impact will have been burned in and I will hooked up a wal wart.