Sometimes it's just your GD router flickering out!!

I’ve never had a single wifi router that didn’t have at least some minor glitch in it. The first 3 generations I owned would overheat. My current ASUS with multiple antennas has a reliability problem on 2 GHz.

I know this because I have a laptop and streamer that were hooked up to it. Wifi analyzer showed very strong signal with no noisy neighbors at all. Still flickers out. Switch to 5 GHz and the problems go away.

Point is, in addition to your usual Wifi issues like low strength and neighbor’s signals interference these devices are made to the absolute bargain price point. Sometimes it really is your router.

If you can run Ethernet for your streamers, especially video, it's almost always going to save you issues later.

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I was able to correct the problem by adjusting the transmit power down to 75

See, this kind of fits in with my experience of these routers overheating.  I wonder if cutting the power doesn't just keep the 2.4 GHz transmitter cooler?

What a great idea, btw, I'm going to try it now!
hi @mlsstl

Nope, had it in a variety of places.  I was often an early adopter.  I even wrote blog posts about how to put heat sinks and fans.  That is how I know I was having heat issues.  I don't know for sure that is the case today, but since only a couple of my devices still rely on 2.4 GHz I may never take the time to find out.