BAT VK-D5 CD Player sometimes does not play a CD

My BAT VK-D5 CD Player sometimes does not play a CD. I can listen to 9 CD's and all is okay. For the next CD played, the word 'err' to appears on the display. I can play the CD on another player with no problems. The next day, the same CD plays okay. What is wrong and how can I fix this? thanks..
I don't know if mine does this with the same frequency. I just open the drawer, reseat the cd and usually it will play again. I've heard that the transport on these isn't the highest quality and it mistracks....You should probably call Steve Bednar at BAT if the problem persists.
I also open the drawer and it sometimes fixes the problem. Is this something that can be fixed by a local Retailer? I do not want to ship my unit back to BAT. Thanks..
I've had the same problem with my VK-D5SE and it was a quick fix to open the tray and close it again. Then I noticed that the circle slot on the tray is a little bit bigger than actual CD disc. Later on I found that if I place a disc more forward ( toward the inside), I've never got an error again. This way was working with Sonic Frontiers SFCD-1 as well.

Please let me know the result.

If Ted's suggestion doesn't solve your problem, i would directly contact BAT via phone or email or drop Victor Khomenko a line via the Asylum's email system. As you may or may not know, Victor is a regular on the forums there. He's the kind of manufacturer that will stand behind his product and do his best to work with you. Sean
I had the same problem with my Audio Research CD2. Opening and closing the drawer usually worked. Returned twice to ARC with no change (including replacement of entire CD drive mechanism). My "permanent" solution is to simply place the CD as far forward in the tray as possible - always works on my unit.
P.S. I disassembled my unit after they rebuilt it and it still had the same problem - the actual sticking point is the CD ends up sitting atop the spindle, not centered down on it's shaft. It is due simply to the loose drawer imprecisely locating the CD.
My resolution cd 50 only plays the discs 1/2 the time. Then it says err or no disc. Very frustrating. Called resolution and they said it would cost $300 to fix. What would you guys do? I bought used.
The solution recommended above by Ted seems to work okay. I place the CD forward (a little) in the drawer and the tracking works. This is an example of very poor design by BAT (and others as described above). Thanks for this great suggestion. cheers...
My BAT VK-D5 CD Player 'stopped' reading CD's over the weekend. The word "err" appeared ever time I tried loading a new CD (changing the CD placement has no impact). I called BAT and they said I need a new transport assembly. It seems the transport is not covered by a warranty so my cost is $400 plus shipping. Since the unit is not working, I shipped it back to BAT. I sure hope the new transport solves this problem. Are others having this problem? thanks..
Would like to mention that there are formats that the D5 will not read (self recorded disc). The folks at BAT has always been very helpful and consider customer service a priority. Sorry to hear that you need to shell out so much $$$. While your unit is in the shop maybe you may want to consider upgrading the unit. I hear removing the HDCD is an improvement. Good Luck!
I believe the BAT (like the Cary and many others) uses a Phillips 12.4 transport - I've heard of and experienced MANY problems with this transport from disc error readings to skips, to sound droputs. You'd think for approx. $6k retail, BAT could source a more reliable transport such as the Sony CDM14. It's truly frustrating.