Something comparable to VSA VR-1s

I know I'm opening myself up to a world of pain here asking for a speaker recommendation, but I'm so out of the game that I need the help.

We've just set up a dance floor in our basement playroom, and the speakers down here are killing me. Moving our main system (all Von Schweikert speakers: VR-2s for mains, two VR1s subs, VR1s for the rears, and a LCR-15 Center Channel) is not an option, as it is our home theater. But the dance floor means I'm doing a lot more listening down here. I need some good speakers. They'll be driven by an amp my husband built. (It's good.) He built a DAC too. But for some reason he doesn't want to build speakers.

Given that I love the sound of my VSAs and I can not seem to score some here or on eBay etc, what else should I look at in the 1K or under range? I know that's not a lot, but even that is pushing it.


Tell us more about your equipment, music you'd listen to, room size, etc. Do you want floor standers as an option or stick w/ a stand mount monitor like the VR1? I have these for a second system and really like them as a good value in the under 1000 range. They run on audiogon around 500-750 for the most recent sales I've seen. The Dynaudios are pretty good--like the Audience (42 or 52 for stand mount, or 72/82 for floor) series, if you have the current and power to drive them. A bit crisper than the VRs. More dynamic than the VRs but not nearly as good at low levels. That's where the VR shines--efficient, decent bass, easy to place, and good for a wide sweet spot and they sound good on their sides, tweeters firing out, placed on bookshelves, if you can place that way. There are a host of other good options under 1K but we need to know more about your associated issues above. Good luck!
Joy, I would call Von Schweikert and see if they can line you up with some VR-1s. I know they sometimes have some kicking around or know someone who does. Also, putting a "wanted" ad here may also be worthwhile.
If you don't mind waiting VR-1s show up regularly or you can try a "Want To Buy" ad. I have several monitor speakers including VR-1, Green Mountain Audio Europa, Revel M22, Spica TC-50 and a few other speakers. I highly recommend trying Bose 301 speakers. They cost $328 NEW and you can get a 30 day trial. I honestly believe these would be perfect for your dance room and I am confident you will be blown away by their performance which is big, relaxed and accurate. The 301 is one of the lowest in distortion I have heard and you get amazing bass for their size.

I have owned more speakers than you could ever imagine in all price ranges up to $20,000. I spend a little time here on this forum and I noticed everyone here bashes Bose speakers. I did not believe all of these people had first hand experience with Bose and they were just repeating what they heard from other audiophiles and high end dealers. A couple of people claimed they owned Bose 901s, but it was back in the 1960s and we all know things have progressed since then not to mention we are a lot better at setting up our systems now than we were back then. So, I decided to find out for myself what these Bose speakers are all about. I can tell you they need a good break-in, they do not like tubes nor do they need tubes to have a rich sound. They work well with inexpensive wire and they will play every kind of music with ease. They sound good with a receive and they sound better with separates.

Take my advice and try the 301s. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, but don't tell anyone here how good they are or you will be an outcast like me.
Here's a pair of VR2s at a reasonable price. I have purchased from this seller and received excellent service.
Hey everyone. For some reason, I thought my thread had never posted. I never got any of the notifications. I ended up getting a great deal on a pair of LSA .5s. I actually think I like them better than VR1s in the space. (I borrowed them for a quick A/B. I'll do a real once when my .5s are broken-in.)

BTW, I did try to contact VSA about lining me up with a pair. I never heard back. So not like them.

Thanks for your time!!!