Some pics and comments from HE2004

Here's a link to some pictures I took on Thursday:

HE2004 Show Pictures

Overall observation: Small speakers seemed to be the show theme this year. Just as well in the tiny hotel rooms. Better sound than the large stuff in the small rooms, that's for sure.

Bosendorfer - Art Audio: Pretty blue glow on these amps (the picture doesn't do them justice). These speakers were nice on soft classical, but I'm sure rock & roll are not their genre.

Halcro - Wisdom: proof that throwing money at a system doesn't guarantee good sound. That's a Wisdom rep standing next to their new smaller speaker. It's replacing their bottom of the line model and has a built in down firing sub.

MBL: awesome both visially and sonically, although there's some wierd soundstaging going on. Wider than expected, probably due to the 360 degree projection.

Merlin - Audio Aero: always nice sound from the Merlin room.

new Musical Fidelity M7 turntable: lots of vinyl at the show.

Sam Tellig drool rack: all Musical Fidelity stuff. Sounded damn fine too.

Penaudio - Penache - Wadia - Paladin: big sound from small speakers. These sounded very fine, but they're about $5000/pair so they should. They look like they're made of matchsticks. One of my best sound votes.

PRAME (France) w/ Jadis electronics: These look very nice. Wood horns w/ bass top & bottom. However there was little bass to speak of in the room & the horn was shooting into my knees. Didn't sound as good as it looked.

Silverline: Damn fine sound from the Bolero speaker and a spanking brand new integrated 805 tube amp (yet to be priced).

Tenor - Epiphany: OK, so big systems can sound really good at shows too. Nice line array's. One of my best votes.

Thor - WHT: horn loaded WHT speakers. Nice on simple music. There's a FB&G Neo Ribbon tweeter covering the high end.

Totem: Their new Rainmaker speakers. I don't know how they got such big sound out of these little babies, but they were perfect in this small showroom. Very dynamic. Best theme room design also, with Tiki masks on the walls.

Von Schweikert VR4jr's - VAC - Electracompianet - Oracle teansport: just plain good sound as you would expect from these companies.

Tannoy Autograph Professional: That's me next to these old timers. They are tucked away in the basement. You need to sit 30 feet back to get the soundstage (big, big, big).

EMT 927 turntable: about 4 feet wide. The platter could accommodate a 20" disk, I believe.

Micro SZ1e turntable: another gem

Triode Pete & Klang Film horns: Biggest, biggest, biggest damn horns I've ever seen. You need to sit 50 feet back from these babies.

That's it until next time.