HE2004 Pictures - Kudos to Albert Porter

Albert, I have to say I am just so very, very impressed with your photos here on Audigon of HE2004!

I brought a camera, which I didn't really know how to use, and the photos came out not so hot. I wonder why I even carried it up to NYC when we can all simply enjoy the terrific work you have put forth.

Once again, it was an honor to meet you, and I am happy it was with our friend Lloyd.

Thank you!
Hey Joe,

Where did Albert post his photos of the show? An did he post the ones of him with all the hot stripper girls?

Thanks Albert! Great pictures. It was nice to get a chance to talk to you for a couple of minutes in Lloyd's room.

They're plastered right in the middle of the Audiogon Home page!

Gotta get these green eyes checked.

Nice job Albert!
Gunbei, would I see different with green eyes in place of my brown ones? I can tell you the brown ones don't work so great.

I looked all over the place, but didn't see the strippers, just one "show goer". From the other thread, I was hoping to find Christy Canyon somewhere in there...
Damn fine job, as always Albert!! Thanks! Gotta ask, how do those Siemens horns sound?! Trelja? Maybe Christy was hiding behind them!

In response to "girls" here is the link:

Albert, neither of those lovely ladies is Christy, but they'll do just fine!
Albert, it's not too hard to tell who your favorite was. Hmmm ... maybe that's why your wife burned your underwear ;-)

P.S. Thanks tons for the pictures -- they're great
I hope everyone likes them enough that Audiogon will ask me to cover all the shows.

Idea is to have a library that members could visit and revisit. Anyone referring to products / performance at a CES (or wherever), could click through and view not only the equipment that was used but the setup as well.
Albert I had no idea you had this arrangement with Audiogon, it's great, and I think it would be a great idea for you to cover all future shows!

And since you got in so much trouble with your wife for fighting over strippers with Mattybumpkin at the San Remo, maybe we can let Marco cover that aspect of all future audio shows.

Albert, you can continue your great coverage of the shows, while Marco covers the SHOWS, heheh.

As long as Slappy stops going bonkers with the towels, I think the hotels won't mind welcoming us back.
Sorry Gunbei, my wife would burn my underwear too.....except I'd
probably be in'em when she lit'em up!!!


PS Looks like Slappy was right - that thread has been terminated with
extreme prejudice!
Well at least Albert's wife won't be reading any incriminating threads over his shoulder until Slappy starts posting again, heheh.
That's a shame it was removed. I laughed my butt off at the stuff posted by Jax2, Gumbei and Slappy. No fun at Audiogon??