Some cable advice for this system

I need some help to narrow down choices of cables (interconnect and speaker) for my system. I plan to audition them first, but I would ideally like to have only 3-4 to compare. Any recommendations with these electronics?
Levinson transport -> Audio Logic DAC -> BAT VK50SE -> VTL MB750 -> Magnepan 3.6R.

i don't have great familiarity with your system but these are the 4 ic's/cables, in order, that i've found work best on mine: fim-gold, fim-silver, tara-the one, nordost-quatro fil. -kelly
I am familiar with everything except the Audio Logic. I like the Nordost Valhalla all the way around. They are remarkable cables. If you are not looking to spend that kind of money, the Quattro Fil and SPM are also excellent. Another choice would be the Harmonic Technology Magic cables.
I have the same DAC and Pre-amp, along with BAT VK-60 amps and Vandersteen speakers. What has worked well for me are Transparent cables - Ultra or Reference would probably be what would match up. Many listings right here on Audiogon. They make music.
The two best I've heard are Transparent Reference and Quattro-fil.
I would go with Transparent. Get the best version you can afford. You won't be sorry.
As Cornfedboy stated, you'll have a tough time finding anything better than FIM cables (don't forget power cords too for your system!). If you're on the East Coast, I'd suggest giving eAudioNet a call as I know Li(?) does allow auditioning. If you're on the West Coast, try Bobby at Sound Trend, but I don't know if they stock for auditioning. Both companies have been great to deal with. For other brands, try Stewart at Sanctuary of Sound. He's another "good guy" in this crazy audio world. (I'm not affiliated with any of these stores except as a customer). Just my .02. Goodluck
Thanks for all your help. Looks like FIM, Transparent, and Nordost. I'll post if I lear anything in the comparison.
Radio Shack....THe IC's won't have any arrows on them so you can try them both ways to see which sounds best.
Hi Delancy, Take Cornfedboys or Jctubes advice and then take Stevemj advice and you will find out who knows what they are talking about and which one is full of crap.
If you are looking to spend less money, the Analysis Plus Oval Nine speaker cable should work well with your Maggies. Low impedance, low inductance. Very, very good for the money. No weaknesses at its price point.