Solidsteel speaker stands

Does anyone have experience with the speaker stands from Solidsteel? I see a lot about their racks, but not much on their stands. It's an interesting design and one I happen to like.

I'm looking for a very well build, moderately priced speaker stand. I really like the looks of the Norstone Stylum 2, but I have concerns about the size of the base plate. It just seems small. I've looked at sound anchor, and I know they are good, but I would rather go a different direction,

I'm not afraid to admit that I have to like the way they look, or I won't buy them.
Regarding the Solidsteel speaker stands; are you looking at the NS series or the SS series? Regardless I believe the top plate is MDF.
Personally I think you would be fine with the Norstone Stylum 2 stands although I should ask what speakers are you going to put on them?
SS version. Yes, I believe the top is MDF. My speakers are Clearwave R6. Thanks for the response.