Solidsteel amp stand:platform glued?

Does anyone knows if a top mdf shelf on a Solidsteel amp stand is glued or screwed in from the inside?I bought this stand to try with different platforms (granite,maple etc)but was shocked to find out that the shelf comes attached.
Any insights on how to safely detach the shelf would be greatly appreciated.Thanks a lot!
When I bought mine, with the intention of using only the metal base, the platform and base came unattached. I then ordered a 3 inch thick maple platform from Timber Nation here on the Gon'. Works quite nicely
I have the same stand and mine is glued. I inquired at the time I got it off of Audiogon (3-4 yrs ago) and the responses were it is glued using an isolating compound. I haven't tried to remove mine, but I don't think it will damage the stand but it could damage the MDF.
Mine is a solid steel 4 shelf rack . The top is the same steel that the rest of it is. I do think the structure would have to lose some rigidity but I have no idea if it would fall apart.
There was a thread on vibration isolation extolling the virtues of an $8,000 platform which you must constanly adjust. On top of that it is a very ugly contraption in mat black with backward adjustment controls.
No single element in my system cost 8K . I would be very hesistant to spend 2K a problem I can't hear. I like my set up. It took 6 years to figure out what equipment to get. I never once contemplated buying a more acoustic friendly home have thought about some room treatments but never blamed crappy sounding gear was the result of too few room treatments or bought expensive tweaks until I had the right components.
Like RJA I got tired of the knuckle busting and bought 3 inch thick maple boards flat grain BB actually with brass feet that supports my amps which have pointy feet all of wich rests on some old VPI amp stands with pointy feet into little discs .
My TT occupies the top shelf of my rack which rests on a concrete floor. So far I haven't had any vibration related issues . My WAF rig that's another story.
I purchased new from Music Direct. The base and platform were not attached and were packaged separately but in one box. Overhang, did you purchase new or used? If used, perhaps the previous owner glued the platform. If so, maybe he could tell you what was done.
I also purchased it from Music Direct and the platform came attached.Looks like it glued with some kind of rubber compound.Rja,what was the insulation that came in your box to go between the shelf and the stand?