Solid State equivalents of CJ Premier 17LS?

Looking for detail and resolution
without grain or edge. Anyone willing
to help?
I believe CJ makes a solid state equivalent. I am not sure of the model but it is a ss preamp and carries the premier designation.
it is the PREMIER 18 and you sould try the PFR
Why avoid the 17ls? It sounds great and is really easy to live with..I miss mine.
I agree with you Jman. I replaced my 17 with a 16 and have not looked back. But, I cannot imagine why anyone would want to do away with the tubed 17 and go to ss. Tubes in a preamp are not a hassle and the sound is simply sublime.
Jman, Czbbcl,

I also am taken in by the 17ls, almost bought one yesterday.
I have not found an affordable tube unit (that I can actually
audition) that I like as much. Thought I should research
a solid state option as well.
Pass Labs X1. It's a great sounding preamp and can be had for a decent price. Good luck.