Solid Core Speaker Cable Recommendations

I'm looking for recommendations for use with Magnepan 1.6s.
All responses appreciated.
Hard to beat magnet wire. painted on enamel dialetric, high purity, cheap, good sounding. You can buy surplus and DIY for just a few bucks.

If you want them ready-made, your can order some "Anti-Cables" from Paul Speltz (Agon). I like these better than any of the other cables I've tried on my Maggie 1.6's. Mine are bi-amped, and I've tried Analysis Plus, Audioquest, Harmonic, and a couple of others. The Anti-cables were good enough that I no longer look at alternatives.

They really do sound outstanding with Maggies!

Solid speaker wire value for a long time would be Kimber 8TC.Enough bass for the Maggie and not nuts in price.
Chazzbo, 8TC looks like a stranded cable. What am I missing?