Snell kIIs - LOST All my imaging - help

Always had rock solid imaging with my snell kII's using a very low budget system. Had an old toshiba receiver, but biwired the two A/B speaker connections s if sepaate amps, used home made zip wire concoction and cheap wooden stands. Always had no perceived sound emenating from speakers - everything across the sound field - very stable. People who knew nothing of audio always were amazed at the sound, the imaging and the enveloping quality.

In the past year I have changed several things and bit by bit things have gotten WORSE instead of better. Toshiba started to go bad in one channel so had to change.

Went to cheap metal stands (atlantis - 70 bucks) partially filled with lead shot.
Went to Outlaw AV receiver - still biwired but no A/B speaker settings.
Went to Kimber Kable (currently split 8 leads to biwire).

And most drastically MOVED to a new house. Used to have speakers on Brick fireplace area, nothing in between, 6 inchead from back wall,. Now on hardwood floors (spiked with floor gaurd things) and a big entertainment center in between speakers. room is 14 feet along speaker wall and 22 deep. and 12 foot high cathedral ceiling, sloped right to left. (Oldhouse had this but only 6- feet high.

Go no imaging - sounds horrible now. Help!!!!!!!
Give up or sell the house, lord give us the strength to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the things we can not change. Go back to the cheap shit before it's to late my man.
You might want to look into larger speakers like some Snell E/III's or larger. Your ears have become accustomed to the sound in your old room, which sounds to me were best suited to your smaller K/II's. Your new room needs a larger spk. me thinks. See how things sound after buying larger spks. before making any other changes.
Speakers are probably too close to the wall. There also may be some other room related issues to solve.
You might consider checking the cables on both amp and speaker ends of your cable to make sure that the speakers are in phase.
Perhaps that big entertainment center between the speakers induces bad reflection kharma.
I agree. Get rid of that large resonating defraction creating device between your speakers. And well, after that.... Step 2 and 3... Let us know the progress Tom
I've checked the phasing - reversed one side - no better. Maybe worse.

I've brought the fronts of the speakers 6-10 inches in FRONT of the entertainment system. Its hard for me to beleive that noone with a big TV or entertainment unit can have good imaging. Can that possibly be true? They should put a WARNING LABEL on these units if that's the case.
I'm calling Johnnie Cochran.

but way back when in the old house I even lost imaging when I went from wooden to metal stands - speakers were only 6 inches from back wall when they sounded great. But nothing in between.

Maybe fill the entertainment unit with lead shot? Its about 80 cubic feet.

What speaker might do better in sucha room? Somebody said a bigger spaker - I was thinking of B&W Nautilus 805 - I dunno, my buddy has'em and loves'em - in a smaller room than I have.
I think it is the entertainment center. Either pull the speakers farther out into the room or move the center.
I had to move my rack because it was destroying my imaging.
I second reversing the phase on "ONE" speaker. One of your components, cables or wires is reversing the phase.

I can make "any" system image, if it is in phase. If not...Frogettaboudit.

It isn't the room, stands, or any of that.

Remember just revers the leads on "ONE" speaker then listen. Your imaging will return.
I tried reversing leads once - but with a biwired system its a bit more complicated. Glad to hear someone doesn;t think its my entertainment unit - cuz it ain't movin.

I am worried about my stands too.