SME 312S headshell vs. SME 312 headshell

Hi everyone,

Is there some of you that run their SME 312S tonearm with a SME 312 headshell? I do have both of them, the 312S and 312 headshells, and they work quite good.

I'd like to know if some of you had difficulties to combined the 312 on the 312S or vice versa and if you had some sonic difference. If I remember correctly, the 312S is entirely in magnesium and had better "Silver-hybrid audio lead" vs "LCOFC audio lead" for the 312.


I believe the head shells for the 312 and the 312S are identical both made from Magnesium. When you refer to material used the arm tube of the 312 is made form Aluminum the 312S is made form Magnesium. Internal wiring in the 312S different from the one used in the 312 - better ? - no different.

Which ever one sounds best to you is the best one for you

Good Listening