ISO headshell for Systemdek IIX / Profile tone arm

I have a spare cartridge I'd like to use with my early-eighties Systemdek IIX turntable by keeping it (the cartridge) in a separate (and, preferably, identical to the one already attached to the tone arm) headshell, so that ideally I could swap the two headshells in and out of the tone arm easily and whenever I wanted.

The problem of course is finding an indentical (or similar) headshell. The Systemdek came with -- as, I've gathered, most Systemdeks did -- a Profile tone arm.

My quesiton to any and all: where might I find a headshell that will fill the bill?
I have the same situation as you, a Systemdek XII and a couple of cartrdiges I'd like to use with it; did you every get a satisfactory response to your query? It seems odd that such a relatively popular turntable/arm would have a headshell that's tough to replace.

Let me know if and where you were able to find one.


B. Kliment
Does anyone know who made the Profile arm?
JELCO of Japan made it. I upgraded to an(upgraded-sic) RB300 and it took a lot of work and change of cartridges to get any REAL improvement: the Profile Arm/Grado cartridges are a synergistic match IMO. As for the DEK...I once had a (NIRVANA/VALHALLA LP12+ITTOK+KOETSU BLACK, and while that Rig WAS better, the increase in performance did not justify the price differential. I shall be keeping my Giant Killer: Incidentally Audio-Note are now doing a drop-in Acrylic platter for all Systemdeks...eminently tweakable product!