SME 309 tonearm : VTA ? - Vertical Height Adjust

The manual explains that the vertical adjust is spring loaded and to grab in by both sides but fails to explain where the lock on the adjuster is.

I'm confused ... it looks to me like I will just have to shim the whole base to bring the arm up ( for a GRADO cartridge - didn't know what I was in for when I got it...damn they have a large profile ).

Is there really a Vertical adjustment ??
Yes, there is you need an allen wrench. It is the little hole on the base of the arm between the two allen head screws that allow the arm to slide forward and backwards.
Hi Drguayo:

Just as Rwwear suggests. The VTA is adjusted by loosening the hex screws with the wrench that SME provides and using the template markings to level the arm appropriately as SME illustrates in the literature accompanying the arm.

Actually, I have done this procedure several times as I change cartridges in and out. The first time I tried I was a bit confused. Since then, no problem. Adjustments can be made very quickly once you are familiar.

My only suggestion is that when you move the arm up or down that you stablize you motion by placing a finger(or two) against the plinth. Slow, easy movements is all that is required. A little pressure up or down. You'll soon be an expert!!