SME 309... straight or 90-degree DIN?

Does the SME 309 necessitate use of a 90-degree DIN plug, or can a straight DIN plug also be used? Is the wiring and DIN pin configuration standard, or is there anything unique to SME here?
90 degree DIN on most of the turntable arm board. SME includes 90 degree DIN. SME uses standard pin out/configuration for RCA plug terminated. I'm not sure about the XLR/Balanced connector version(I have not used it). On some of the turntable arm board, you maybe able to get away with straight DIN if there is enough wiggle room.
The SME 309 doesn't require a 90 degree din. Your turntable might for clearance reasons. I have a SME 20/2 and SME IV.Vi (similar arm) using a straight din. I actually prefer the straight in my setup...