Straightwire speaker cable Crescendo vs Crescendo II

Hi all,

Looking for some info on the difference in sound between the Straightwire Crescendo (original version) and Crescendo II speaker cables.

Appreciate any info. Thanks.

The difference in Maestro versus Maestro II is in the dielectric according to SW - you might want to confirm with SW regarding the Crescendo but I suspect it is the same.  SW still makes good and underrated cables.

are these newer cables or older models?

I listened to some SW cables around 2012, red jacketed, lower models in the chain. Anyway, these cables sounded very good and were relatively
hi guys,

thanks for your response.

these are slightly older level 4 models. the crescendo II was recently replaced by the crescendo III.

what other gear is in your system?

using solid state mcintosh pre & power with mcintosh speakers and the chord dac 64 Mk II with an accuphase transport.

I use Crescendo III in my system and like them very much.  What is the context of your question?  Are you considering changing from Crescendo to Crescendo II or trying to decide if the price difference between the two is worth it?


I have a chance to get either one.

So just wanted to get some advice on the difference in sound between the 2 versions.


The biggest difference is in the inner core design.  My understanding is that the II was an improvement over the original in both dynamics and detail. 

The II also supposedly more flexible than the original (it is one seriously thick and stiff cable), but can't imagine that it makes that much of a difference since the III is still like wrestling a boa constrictor sometimes.

The original is a fine cable, but I'd go with the II if given an option.

Thanks again for your info. Appreciated.