which cd player class A to use straight into amp

I would like to run a CD player directly into my Levinson ML-11 amp. Any suggestions on class "a" CD players with volume control? Or is this not a good Idea?
There are many cdp's with variable volume output including M.Lev's own, Wadia, etc...so, your ears are the ultimate judge! For suggestions however, some more info would help: your musical tastes, type of sound you like, etc.

As to whether it's a good idea... I have found direct cdp to amp slightly anaemic sounding, with excellent resolution however. My system, my musical tastes, YMMV. Others are very happy dispensing w/ a pre so, give it a try!

Audio Aero Capitole.
Audio Aero Capitole.Best Cd Player I have ever heard.
I used a Levinson 39 direct into a 333 amp, I thought it was great. The volume control on the levinson is very good - it is similar to that of their preamps.
I use a Levinson 39 into a mcintosh 162. The adjustable volume on the 39 is in the analog mode. Therefore, the sound is full and yet detailed. I understand that using a player where the volume adjustment is in the digital domaine will give you a "thin" sound with limited soundstage.However, I have not auditioned that set-up.
Wadia works well or try a Pass Labs D1, Dac with volume controls no pre-amp required.
hey thanks for the suggestions,the audio aero capitole sounds real interesting(drool),maybe if I mortgage the house,hmmmm.........